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Jeffery Bottomley, AIA


I do not recall a moment when I didn’t know I was going to be an architect. I’ve always been drawn to the built environment. I was intrigued by the way we move through a space, the quality of its light, the warmth of its intimacy, and its ability to expand our community.

Successful architecture should not be a statement but emerge from observations and conversations with our clients and community. Projects should have a humanistic scale and consider how users will experience a space or be touched by it. What differentiates a project is its ability to be reflective of its context or setting in a unique way. So, I’ve always been interested in compelling, humanistic, and sustainable design as an expression of each project’s program, place, and aspirations.

We’re all leaders in our own way. I don’t believe there’s anything you can’t do. Rather than be afraid of disruption, whether, in design or our daily lives, we should explore it further and seek the opportunities it provides. As a forward-thinking leader, I am always seeking ways to look beyond the expected. In collaboration with team members, I aim to create environments that enable similar pathways for ideation.

I’ve always felt the most encouraged throughout my career when our teams exceeded our client’s expectations. When we see challenges as opportunities, we discover new ways to connect people and place through enduring, forward-looking design.