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Jennifer Zagarella

VP, Administration

I am fascinated by the creative process of problem-solving. This is one place where architectural design and administration merge, collaborating to create space for so many others to make an impact for years to come. It is a beautiful, continuous cycle of experiences that can only exist if there is trust, respect, loyalty, and empathy. These values are at the core of everything I do in life.

Even as a young child, I was an observer—quiet, but always actively listening and synthesizing information. There’s so much value to having a diversity of voices in the room, but it is critical to make sure that they are all being heard. Celebrating all ideas is about creating a space where people feel validated and comfortable sharing. We need to break down barriers and ensure that one voice is not louder than another. By listening first and celebrating all ideas, you can see an idea evolve in a way that could never happen if done in a silo.

We have an impact on each other and on our communities, whether it’s the passion we bring to our work or the stories we tell. That inspires me to do my best work for my team. Growth and success come in many different forms, and often means breaking the mold of what is expected. I am proud to be a voice that has traveled an unbeaten path and therefore been able to bring a unique perspective to my work. I strive to inspire a similar road of discovery for my team by encouraging them to share their ideas and see the value of their individual voice.