John Jarvis, AIA


I’ve always seen architecture as an opportunity to combine my various interests by exploring creative concepts alongside the technical aspects of building construction. I believe buildings should engage people at multiple levels of scale. Therefore, great architecture requires integrated design teams to formulate ideas that are then implemented and refined through tectonics. This continuous process and transition of scale creates special and unexpected moments of interaction and experience.

I thrive on research. It is extremely valuable and important to expand our knowledge to better each project and the processes therein. Integrating research and development into architecture positively impacts how design interacts with the process of construction by informing early decisions and assisting in the transition from the big idea to implementation. My focus on research driven design began early in college, culminating with my thesis on the benefits of mutualism between sustainability and design. During that time, I also became one of the first one-hundred LEED accredited professionals in during its inception in 2001 and went on to achieve the LEED Neighborhood Development accreditation. As my career progressed, I have found a passion in advancing high performance envelope design.

I believe continuing to seek new ways to learn and grow is essential in any industry. In architecture, if learning-oriented and knowledgeable individuals work together to make decisions, much room for innovation is created bettering every aspect of the project.