Kimberly Post, CPA


I’ve always been drawn to numbers. They provide definite answers. Numbers let you make sense of the past and anticipate the future—they reveal the full picture. As I began my career in finance, I was eager to glean all the information behind the numbers and translate it into a whole story. I sought to become fluent with the different areas of the discipline and rounded out my expertise by taking on roles in taxation, public accounting and healthcare.

I naturally gravitated to environments that prioritized care. To me, caring is about being attuned to all organizational dynamics. It is about discerning the nuances, tending to the fine details, and foremost, counting and valuing everyone’s contributions. And while access to data and information is more abundant than ever, it is thoughtful qualitative analysis that lends it weight and meaning.

I see the role of finance as not only diagnosing the health of an organization, but also as offering preventive care and promoting its longevity. As a broad strategic competency, closely aligned with our practice and other business functions, it yields deeper insights, highly calibrated decisions, and better design offerings. It allows us to remain flexible to a changing economic landscape and open to fresh opportunities.