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Nathaniel Finley, AIA, LEED AP


I have been an architect since I was ten years old. Well, that’s what I would tell everyone I was going to be. At an early age, my mom would take me to visit the University of Michigan’s art school, which was shared with their architecture program. I still remember the first time I saw architecture students at work in a large open studio with their drawings and models. I was drawn to how architecture combines artistic expression and technical ability, and to create and design spaces for people to live, work, and study.

I love unpacking and finding solutions to complex and challenging projects. A problem solver at my core, I learned the value of the theoretical nature of architecture and critical thinking during my undergraduate studies. Combined with four years of technical experience, I discovered how to apply a balanced approach of theory and function to my work in graduate school. However, I really honed my skillset as a well-rounded architect in the last two decades with experience in higher education, life science and research projects, and other mixed-use projects. My greatest skillsets are being a problem solver at different scales, building consensus from often varying perspectives and interests, and building great relationships with the people I work with on all sides of the table.

Sustainable design has always been a priority for me in my work, with a commitment to the use of renewable energy and the reduction of carbon and greenhouse gases in our projects. It is the greatest challenge of our lifetime, and I am dedicated to creating a more sustainable path for future generations.