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Sonja Bochart, IIDA


I have been aware of my deep connection to the potential of wellbeing, since early in my life. I believe the innate intelligence of the human body is quite responsive to the spaces that surround us, and too often is overlooked. There is a substantial and growing body of knowledge demonstrating how the built environment has considerable influence over our entire state of wellbeing; our levels of fatigue, stress markers, cognitive function, learning rates, physiological and physical health, healing, and even happiness. Design matters.

We have such an incredible opportunity and responsibility to help create these spaces of compassion, wellbeing, and hope for our communities. Through creativity, connecting research to practice, biophilic design frameworks, and regenerative systems-thinking, we can build the potential for our environments to thrive!

My greatest intention as a designer is to inspire both human and ecological wellbeing for these essential places in which we work, play, live, and heal.