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Uma Ramanathan, FAIA, LEED AP


My passion for healthcare design goes back to the first three weeks of my daughter’s life in a NICU. She had outstanding neonatologists who were trying to provide the best possible care in an extremely deficient environment. This experience has informed and focused my work for more than two decades.

I lead the planning and programming effort for a wide range of institutions’—focused on pediatric environments—healthcare operations. My grasp of group dynamics influences my approach, which creates a collective understanding of unique operational flow and identifies areas for improvement. Design must satisfy the rigorous demands of medical staff, increasing patient and care-giver satisfaction, while engendering goodwill and participation among all stakeholders.

My passion for benchmarking and research are core to advancing design. There is in-depth evidence and intention behind each of my recommendations, helping transform the delivery of care for future generations.

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