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Urban life in the heart of the desert

Arizona Star Developments, LLC,
en Hance Park
Phoenix, AZ

Echoing the austere beauty of the desert landscape, en Hance Park embodies our vision for practical, dynamic urban dwellings in downtown Phoenix.

en Hance Park invigorates a vacant lot at the intersection of 2nd Street and Moreland in downtown Phoenix. A covered outdoor lobby at the building’s center features a reflecting pool that acts as a passive cooling system, drawing cool air up through a central opening on each level. The building provides direct access to restaurants, retail, gallery spaces, and nearby light rail.

The 47,000-sf building features flats, lofts, live/work units, and micro units. The minimalist façade—a mix of raw materials including exposed concrete, CMU, and metal decking from shipping containers—pays homage to the industrial roots of the nearby Roosevelt Row Arts District, and creates a seamless visual connection to the adjacent green spaces at Margaret T. Hance Park.

Street-level units bring opportunities for area artists and entrepreneurs to get noticed. Each live/work space can be outfitted to act as a small gallery or pop-up shop. Two-story loft units on the upper levels provide expansive views of the park, mountains, and the Phoenix skyline.

The loft-style interiors mirror the simplicity of the building’s exterior design. Muted colors and industrial materials define the kitchen and living rooms. Large windows and balconies make the most of the compact floorplans, allowing natural light to fill each space.