A sustainable campus home

Arizona State University + Capstone Development Partners, LLC,
Lantana Hall
Mesa, AZ

This project combines on campus student housing with academic spaces, creating a new hub on the Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus. The first LEED Platinum Certified Residence Hall on any ASU campus, the building design facilitates indoor-outdoor connections and spaces that encourage collaboration and relationship building amongst the residents.

Located in the campus arboretum, the building entrances and ground floor are set back to offer shade and respite from the desert climate while also creating a landscape buffer that will, in time, become part of the biome and provide a home to native plants and animals.
Residents have access to a wide range of spaces to support their academic and social activities, ranging from large group study areas to small reading nooks.
Community spaces are provided on each floor, encouraging students to interact with a larger community. Biophilic elements, such as natural materials and views to the exterior, are maximized to create a soothing environment.

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