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Where science intersects

Davidson College,
E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center
Davidson, NC

The E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center establishes a space that blurs traditional boundaries between the sciences—a center that fosters student curiosity and exploration in new and emerging disciplines.
Gathering spaces sprinkled along circulation paths create academic “neighborhoods” that invite students to engage and collaborate.
The Center combines four departments—biology, chemistry, psychology, and environmental studies—into one innovative hub at the heart of campus. The 400-seat forum of the atrium punctuates the entry point of the complex, and provides a space for study and social interaction. Teaching and research labs throughout the building’s two wings offer highly configurable new learning environments. Direct connections between the labs foster collaborative teaching experiences and encourage idea sharing between disciplines.
Glass doors and windows allow pedestrians to witness the buzzing activity on every floor.
The Center is part of our 2010 Master Plan for Davidson College.
Laboratory prep and support zones provide direct access to equipment for the Center’s 35 wet teaching labs. Each lab can be reconfigured as research methodologies evolve.