A balance of form and function

Duke University,
Penn Pavilion
Durham, NC

The planning and design of the Penn Pavilion at Duke University strikes a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and authenticity.
An integrated daylight management system comprised of external sunscreens, tuned glazing, internal sunshades, daylight sensing, and individually addressable light fixtures, mitigate the impact of direct solar gain and glare.
The Penn Pavilion features a modular interior and a façade of glass that underscores the authentic beauty and social vibrancy of Duke’s West Campus. Discrete partitions allow the space to transform to accommodate events up to 700 guests. An expansive curtain of glass provides nearly 360-degree views of the nearby Anderson Woods and Gothic precinct.
The inaugural project in a broader initiative that will transform the heart of Duke University, the glass-walled Pavilion is a vibrant center of activity and an iconic form that contributes to the cultural and aesthetic landscape of the West Campus.
When not being used for events, the Pavilion serves as a space for meetings, trainings, and gatherings for students, faculty, and staff.
The transparent structural glass on the east façade expresses movement and serves as a bridge with the Plaza beyond.