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At the heart of it all

Hamline University,
Anderson University Center
Saint Paul, MN

The Anderson University Center is the first project of Hamline University’s 20-year Master Plan to design spaces that promote diversity and inclusion, invite interaction, and reflect the culture of the institution. Since opening in 2012, the Center has transformed how the Hamline community moves and interacts, and has become the heart of this predominantly commuter student campus.
The curved form of the 75,000-sf Center welcomes visitors to the space where urban campus meets the city of St. Paul. The modular layout of interior and exterior spaces promotes serendipitous and spontaneous communication between students, faculty, and community, and is designed to adapt and respond to the University’s growth.

“The Anderson Center has ushered in a new era for Hamline. It will play a transformational role in promoting Hamline values for generations to come.”

Dr. Linda Hanson, president, Hamline University

Facility Design Award of Excellence

Association of College Unions, International (ACUI), 2013
Expanses of glass convey a sense of transparency while terracotta recasts the University’s traditional brick in a contemporary vocabulary.