A focus around a central forum

Marquette University Law School,
Raymond A. and Katherine A. Eckstein Hall
Milwaukee, WI

Eckstein Hall at Marquette Law School offers a physical metaphor for the University’s emphasis on civic leadership, public service, and the common good and, with it, the clarity and accessibility of learning and the law itself.
The building is a fully integrated Law School with classrooms, courtrooms, faculty offices, library, collaboration spaces, cafe, fitness center, and more all organized around a central forum space, which hosts state-wide events for the legal and university communities.
The innovative glass wall construction makes visible the building’s activities to the public and passersby, while columns revealed behind the glass and the structure’s brick base emphasize the building’s stature and verticality.
The design emphasizes the building as a complete learning environment that seamlessly integrates the prominently sited library and its two-story reading room with instructional spaces.