Stitching together a vibrant neighborhood

LV Collective
Moontower Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Moontower Phoenix provides multifamily, sustainable residences in one of the densest and pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods in Phoenix. With 326 units and various amenities, the apartment building serves as an extension of the active neighborhood.

The 24-story residential tower overlaps the southern edge of the Roosevelt Row Art District and provides a connection to the central business district only blocks away. The infill development stitches together the urban fabric by activating vacant land, providing continuity along the pedestrian-level streetscape. Adding local cafes and social art space between the adjacent existing businesses and buildings, the tower augments the already bustling and vibrant arts community.  

Urban design strategy links the ground floor and shaded walkways, considering views of and from each of the surrounding buildings. Designed to LEED Silver standards and working within the City of Phoenix’s Walkable Urban Code and Sustainability Bonus System, the project incorporates well-lit shaded pedestrian areas, permeable pavers, bicycle parking and maintenance areas, and permanent art installations.  

Located in the Arts District in Downtown Phoenix, the project capitalizes on the views of the city and circling mountain ranges that provide scenic backdrops for the residents. The commercial ground floor is an extension of the city sidewalk and adds to the vibrancy of the pedestrian oriented neighborhood. The public is welcomed into the lobby, which features a “coffee to cocktails” concept.

Rooftop decks allow residents to enjoy views of the city and scenic backdrops of circling mountain ranges. Residents enjoy amenities including a fitness room, a pool, co-working/conference spaces, and a quiet outdoor courtyard for meditation. 

Moontower Phoenix is anticipated to open in the summer of 2023.