One health

Partners In Health,
University of Global Health Equity
Butaro, Rwanda

The University of Global Health Equity is a multiphase project in northern Rwanda that will support the government’s mission of increasing access to quality care to rural and underserved populations.
Set on a 37-hectare site that overlooks the city of Butaro and Mount Muhabura, the first phase of the project encompasses the development of six buildings, including a welcome center, library, simulation center, and flexible teaching spaces. When all four phases are complete, the UGHE campus will support more than 1,200 students and faculty. The University will educate and train the next generation of global health leaders from Africa and beyond.
The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is a testament to Partners In Health’s vision of “One Health,” which focuses on the wellbeing of humans, animals, and ecosystems. When completed, the University will integrate several disciplines—including general medicine, nursing, dental medicine, and veterinary studies—into a central campus that promotes collaboration and transdisciplinary, team-based learning.
The project incorporates numerous sustainable features, including a water tower clad in the local volcanic rock that stores rainwater harvested from the buildings’ roofs. Each structure harnesses daylight and natural ventilation.
Inspired by traditional land use patterns, the buildings and landscape are woven into a rich tapestry of interior and exterior spaces that harmonize with the existing topography. Hardy indigenous trees and plants that require no irrigation are used for their restorative and regenerative impact on the land.
Construction timelapse of the project courtesy of University of Global Health Equity.
Shepley Bulfinch developed a Master Plan to create a campus for a population of 1,200 students and faculty.
The first phase of the project also includes a housing component, designed by MASS Design Group.