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A sustainable community for transformative research

Longfellow Real Estate Partners,
Triangle 54
Research Triangle Park, NC

Triangle 54 is a vibrant, engaging, and sustainable campus for transformative science and technology companies located in the heart of Research Triangle Park.

Triangle 54 is envisioned as a vibrant world-class science and technology campus for transformative companies located on a prominent regional corridor in the heart of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. This collaborative three-building campus of 1 million sf is organized around an indigenously landscaped courtyard that fosters a connected and creative working environment nurturing the growth of people and companies in the innovation economy. In addition, the campus will include various collaborative research spaces, light manufacturing, vivaria, workplace, greenhouse facilities, and lifestyle services.

Triangle 54 will also be one of the region’s first large-scale life science development properties to consider integrated sustainable and resilient design beyond the known checklist. Project-specific design guidelines and criteria were created to reduce carbon use, conserve water, promote health and wellness, biodiversity through ecological restoration, and climate readiness.

In reflection of these goals, Building One facilitates energy reduction through solar orientation, façade material selection, and shading devices while also providing generous access to natural light and views. The body of the building is a composition of natural metals and glass with broad shading devices in concert with a rhythm of vertical mullions of varying lengths and depths, creating a dynamic façade that dances with the movement of the sun throughout the day. 

At the ground plane, the building rests on a natural stone base with an intimate rhythm of windows and prominent entry through the building, connecting visitors and users to a shared vibrant and sustainable courtyard. Further, the stone base opens to a warm frame to prominently feature amenities and meeting spaces branded as Elevate. Together these programs are designed to spark the engaging connections that will enrich the campus and community.