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Lighting the way for pharmacy

University of Arizona College of Pharmacy,
Skaggs Pharmaceutical Sciences Center
Tucson, AZ

The reimagined Pharmaceutical Sciences Center brings flexibility to both formal and casual meeting zones—providing spaces for cutting-edge education, research, and training.
A variety of building massing and zoning options were explored to maximize the amount of biology and chemistry labs and improve the overall efficiency of the building as well as the character of the spaces.
This 20,500 sf addition and 10,700 sf renovation project pushes the school of pharmacy’s dedicated lab space past industry averages by nearly 20 percent, including new chemistry and biology labs.
Natural light is a focal point of the design. Programmatic connections are made through thoughtful use of glass—interior partitions and exterior fenestrations—between group spaces, labs, and the outdoors.
Color is strategically used throughout as a wayfinding strategy to distinguish new lab space and give each its own character.
Exterior circulation and gathering places feature traditional medicinal desert plantings, which not only contribute to the campus arboretum tour but also inform the simple material and color palette used throughout the project.
The inclusion of innovative gathering and support spaces add to the collective environment and encourage idea sharing. Lobby areas feature break-out seating for impromptu meetings with adjacent conference rooms for more formal appointments.
Shepley Bulfinch is the design architect and lab planner, partnering with GLHN Architects and Engineers.