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Establishing a neighborhood

Wabash College,
New Residential District and Renovation to Martindale Hall
Crawfordsville, IN

A new residential village at a small men’s college in Indiana sparks a transformation in student life and positions the school for an anticipated surge in enrollment.
In 2013, Wabash College, a men’s liberal arts school in Crawfordsville, Indiana, selected Shepley Bulfinch to design a Master Plan to address its on-campus housing needs. The result: A series of buildings that evolve the look and feel of the Wabash Campus, complemented by outdoor spaces and multi-use lawns that foster community and interaction. The six new buildings, along with Martindale Hall, add 136 student beds to campus, increasing housing capacity by 25%.
A high-efficiency VRF mechanical system, Energy Star appliances, and LED lighting work together to reduce energy usage and operations costs.
A series of gathering spaces guide residents from the privacy of the dorm rooms to progressively more public living rooms, which give way to outdoor plazas, paths, and arboretums.
Natural light-filled common areas were designed next to high-density traffic zones to provide spaces that encourage serendipitous encounters.
The new glass entrance at the renovated Martindale Hall connects students to the adjacent campus arboretum. Inside, The Living Room’s media wall moves effortlessly to provide additional space for activities.
The interior finish palette consists of natural hues inspired by the building’s connection to the arboretum. The lighting is soft and warm, creating a comforting, home-like ambiance.

“Shepley Bulfinch has helped us rethink how today’s students live on campus, and introduced a contemporary design vision on a 184-year-old campus in a way that’s never been done before.”

Gregory D. Hess, president, Wabash College