It’s in our DNA to challenge convention.

For nearly 150 years, Shepley Bulfinch has countered the status quo to produce forward-thinking buildings and spaces that inspire living, learning, and healing. Today, our team of designers are shaping the future across several industries and disciplines, including healthcare, education, libraries, civic, and mixed use. We design beyond what’s expected.
Optimizing the patient experience
To design tomorrow’s hospitals, you must look beyond the walls to understand how space and systems impact patient and staff journeys, as well as day-to-day operations. We employ a design approach that puts the patient at the center—one that inspires better outcomes and increases productivity and profitability for hospitals and healthcare providers.
Designing for the next generation of leaders and changemakers
Campuses across the country are experiencing an era of rapid and radical transformation. As the face of higher education evolves and the needs of students change, Shepley Bulfinch will continue to design environments that foster diversity, connectivity, and cutting-edge pedagogy for future learners and educators.
Reimagining and reshaping the urban landscape
As urban areas grow increasingly connected, we realize the extraordinary responsibility to design more meaningful and sustainable ways for people to live and work together. Beyond the built environment, there are the spaces in-between—such as parks and underdeveloped areas—that impact the fabric and vibrancy of communities. Shepley Bulfinch designs buildings that invite residential, commercial, and civic interests to collectively shape the urban landscape.
Finding a new Lens
Research, debate, implement, wait. Traditional strategic planning approaches often rest on two tenuous assumptions: One, we can predict the future from past events, and two, the best practice is the best path to success. LENS' team of designers and strategists use design-led innovation to help clients facing industry disruption discover creative ways to compete and thrive. We translate the engaging, multidimensional problem-solving behind transformative architecture to similarly complex intersections of strategy, operations, and environments.