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John Malnati


Being an architect is melding the realms of science and art to create spaces for humans to occupy and enjoy. Successful designs are elegant and efficient, doing many things with as little as possible. People seek out architects because we try to get the most out of a form or a shape, making functional features appear seamless and beautiful. Design is also about crafting something well. I really enjoy the science behind the building: such as understanding how the air and moisture move through a building envelope and developing systems and details to address those performance criteria.

People are what make the difference. Designing and building spaces for people to experience requires envisioning, problem solving, and trust. My approach is to forge strong working relationships with the Owner, Architect and Contractor delivery team. Any project can be successful if you have people working together to achieve a goal.

Listen, be empathetic and know when to act. As a leader, I focus on balancing listening with providing direction. We all have something new to learn and we all have something to share. Creating a work environment that encourages participation leads to more thoughtful architecture through an experience we can all be proud of.